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Zhejiang Meimin Furniture Technology Co.,Ltd. is a famous China Classic Traditional Manual Recliner Chair Manufacturers and OEM Classic Traditional Manual Recliner Chair Factory. Which was established in 2012. Our factory covers an area of roughly 16, 000 square meters and employs more than 160 staff members. Our main products include recliner chairs, lift and rise recliner chairs, theater recliners, office chairs,s and so on. Our customers are provided with outstanding after-sales service. We not only sell competitively priced products but also offer a full range of services. We hope our clients can be eager to do business with us again and again.The biggest Super Market in South America(CENCOSUD RETAIL S.A.) and big distributor BEL FURNITURE are all our famous buyers, SAUDI CO. FOR HARDWARE and PAN Emirates Home Furnishings L.L.C are all our customers who have done business with us more than 5 years.


With our operation concept of "United, Innovative, Rigorous, Efficient", we try to create mutual benefits.

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How does a Classic And Traditional Manual Recliner Chair work?
A classic and traditional manual recliner chair is designed to provide comfortable seating and the ability to recline in various positions. Here's a general overview of how it works:
Frame: The recliner chair has a sturdy frame made of wood or metal to provide stability and support.
Seat and Backrest: The seat and backrest are typically cushioned for comfort and upholstered with fabric or leather. They are attached to the frame and connected through hinges, allowing them to move independently.
Lever or Handle: The manual recliner chair is equipped with a lever or handle, usually located on the side of the chair. This lever is used to control the reclining mechanism.
Reclining Mechanism: Inside the chair, there is a mechanism that enables the reclining function. It consists of several interconnected parts, such as springs, levers, and gears.
Spring System: The recliner chair incorporates a spring system that helps to support the weight of the person sitting on it. The springs provide tension and assistance when reclining or returning the chair to an upright position.
Locking Mechanism: To keep the chair in a specific reclined position, there is a locking mechanism. It ensures that the chair remains stable and secure when you are sitting or reclining.
Here's how the manual reclining process typically works:
To recline: Sit on the chair and pull the lever or handle located on the side of the chair. As you pull the lever, the backrest will start to tilt backward, allowing you to recline. You can stop at your desired reclining angle by releasing the lever.
To return to an upright position: To bring the chair back to an upright position, push the lever or handle forward while applying slight pressure on the backrest. This action will engage the mechanism to return the chair to its original position.
It's important to note that the exact mechanism and operation may vary between different recliner models and manufacturers, but the general principle remains the same. It's always recommended to refer to the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer for your recliner chair to ensure proper use and avoid any potential damage.
Are manual recliner chairs comfortable?
Manual recliner chairs can be comfortable for many people. They offer a range of positions that allow you to find a comfortable angle for sitting or reclining. The level of comfort can vary depending on the design, construction, and individual preferences.
Manual recliners usually have a lever or a handle that allows you to adjust the position of the chair manually. You can choose to recline partially or fully, and some models even have a built-in footrest that can be extended for added comfort. The ability to customize the position can be beneficial for individuals who want to find their preferred level of relaxation.
However, it's important to note that comfort is subjective, and what feels comfortable for one person may not be the same for another. It's recommended to try out different recliner chairs and find the one that suits your body type and preferences the best. Additionally, factors such as padding, upholstery, and overall build quality can also affect the comfort level of a manual recliner chair.
Ultimately, if you find a manual recliner chair that fits your body well, offers adequate support, and allows you to adjust to your desired position, it can be a comfortable seating option for relaxation and leisure activities.